Risk-Free Audit Process

No out-of-pocket expense. Risk-free, guaranteed.

It's simple and requires almost none of your time.




You provide copies of your recent invoices

Our team analyzes them

We show you if we can reduce your costs

We're able to benchmark pricing because our team of experts have been analyzing vendor invoices across numerous industries since 1991.

That experience and the relationships we have with service providers allows us to do the heavy lifting and negotiate best-in-class pricing on behalf of our clients.

View an actual client audit report to see cost reduction in action!

(doesn't cost a thing to find out if we can do the same for you)

Audit Details


Electric, Natural Gas, Water/Sewer

An analysis of current utility budgetary spending

All electric, water/sewer, and natural gas bills audited for errors and overcharges.

Full analysis of current and past usage to ensure all tariffs are correct and providing the lowest possible cost

Detailed report with specific explanations of areas of available cost savings


Wireless, Local, Long Distance, Data, Internet

Audit of all local, long distance, wireless, data and Internet billing

Evaluation of cost effectiveness of line charges, usage charges, and feature packages

A detailed report containing all errors and overcharges, with an explanation of areas of cost savings

Constant monitoring of the telephone industry for opportunities to lower monthly costs, consolidate services, and remove redundant or outdated charges


Medical, Recycle, Shredding, Hazardous, Oil

An analysis of current waste collection spending against a national database of over 7,000 data reference points

Container service analysis and right sizing

Contract review and negotiation to ensure protection through added caps and conditions

Recommendation Sheet to outline proposed service plan changes and cost savings

A 15-minute conversation could
save you big $'s

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