Our objective is to provide you 

with a thorough and timely

audit of your invoices to ensure

their accuracy and cost efficiency.

What you may expect from us:

  • A thorough analysis of your past billing histories (within the statute of limitations) to uncover billing errors
  • Verification of services billed according to tariff or contract
  • Identification of services that are billed but not utilized
  • Identification of services that billed unnecessary make–up charges or minimum charges
  • Identification of tariffs that offer reduction in usage cost
  • Changes made to your accounts only upon written authorization from your company
  • Periodic updates
  • Final report with refund/saving summaries, a listing of all accounts that have been reviewed for accuracy and cost efficiency
  • Invoices based on actual refunds and actual savings amounts
  • Documentation provided to support calculation of savings on invoices
  • All client information is kept strictly confidential

What we don’t do:

  • Implement Savings w/o Client Approval
  • Billing Based on Estimations or Projections
  • Recommend Usage Based Reductions
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Broker Services
  • Capital Improvements
  • 3rd Party Request for Proposals w/o Client Approval